Cross border rentals

Top Rent A Car offers you the opportunity to visit the neighboring countries with a car rental.

Upon prior request and approval, rentals can be taken outside Romania to its neighbouring countries (Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, North Macedonia, Serbia and the European part of Turkey). An administrative fee will be charged depending on the rented car class. The indicated administrative fee applies to visiting one of the countries listed above. For any subsequent country, the customer will pay an additional 50% of the charge for the first country. Power of attorney is issued with a validity period until the end of the rent, but no longer than 25 days. When the rent is longer than 25 days, the customer must pay the full charge for crossing the border again.

Car Class SIPP Code Administrative fee Deposit with purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Deposit without purchased additional coverage TOP PROTECTION Deposit with purchased additional coverage PREMIUM PROTECTION
ECMR, EDMR80 €400 €1200 €20 €
EDAE80 €500 €1500 €20 €
HDMV, HDMR90 €500 €1500 €20 €
CDMR, DDMV, HDAR, HDAV90 €600 €1800 €20 €
CDAR, CWAR90 €800 €2400 €20 €
IDMR, HDAE100 €600 €1800 €20 €
DDAV, CFAV100 €800 €2400 €20 €
IVMR110 €600 €1800 €20 €
CFAR, DFAR, IDAH, IWAH120 €800 €2400 €20 €
DDAE, CDAE, CTAR120 €1000 €3000 €20 €
FVMR, FDAR, FWAR, SFAR, IFAR, RFBR, FDAD130 €1000 €3000 €20 €
PDAR160 €1000 €3000 €20 €
LDAR160 €1200 € by credit card3600 € by credit card20 €
WDAR, UFAR, FFAD160 €1600 € by credit card4800 € by credit card20 €

Cross border rentals to other European countries are allowed after individual consideration of the inquiry and are subject to the express approval of the Lessor. For such cases Top Rent A Car prepare an individual offer.

After confirmation by Top Rent A Car, the Rentee must send a scanned copy of the driving licence and passport details (required for the issue of the necessary documents) at least 1 working day before the start of the rental period. Limitations may apply.

Information for SIPP codes can be seen here.


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